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Honey massage

Honey massageIt is one of the ancient Tibetan therapeutic massages and is based on the bioenergy. Honey is used as the adhesive to remove “contaminated” energy from the body. The energy channels are cleaned and the energy is flowing freely again within those channels. The therapeutic massage is also good for the blood circulation in the lower layers of the skin and in the muscles. Honey is like an adhesive for the toxins, which combines with them and helps to eliminate them from the body.

The massage is very good for the aging skin and for the skin, which has lost its elasticity and is loose. It tonicizes and is firmly stretching for the skin. It can be done also for the face, if there are no contraindications. And as for the other parts of the body, it gives tonicity, stretches and cleans the skin of the face.

It is recommended to book a time for massage in advance. Book a time by calling +372 6313 404 or use the order form.

Duration: 30 min
Price: 35 EUR
Duration: 60 min
Price: 55 EUR
Four handed:
Honey & Classical combo
face, legs & feet
30 min
Price: 55 EUR
Honey & Classical combo
back, arms, legs & feet
45 min
Price: 80 EUR

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