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General massage

General massageA classical general massage based on the Swedish massage is the most traditional and widely spread massage in the world. It is carried out both with oils and as a dry massage. According to the client’s wishes and needs, it can be performed on the whole body and on different body-parts.

The Hedone General Massage is carried out according to your wishes

The main goal of the massage is to improve the oxygen supply of the tissues and to remove toxins from the organism, hence quicken the metabolism, recover lost energy, correct muscle tone and improve well-being. The classical massage techniques include soothing, friction of the skin and skin-tissue, muscle kneading, vibration and different light hitting moves.

It is recommended to book a time for massage in advance. Book a time by calling +372 6313 404 or use the order form.

Duration: 75 min
Price: 50 EUR
Duration: 60 min
Price: 40 EUR
Four handed, 60 min
Price: 90 EUR

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