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Erotic massage

Erotic massage

Erotic massage is a warm oil based tender massage for the body-parts, like the back, legs and genital area.
Gives tonicity, relaxes and excites!

Hedone Erotic Massage in Tallinn

The tender and exciting massage of body parts which include your back, hands, feet and genitals uses traditional relaxing movements with exciting and stimulating touches, relaxing your body and exciting your senses.

It is a massage that takes you far away from the troubles of a workday and gives you erotic pleasure.

It is recommended to book a time for massage in advance. Book a time by calling +372 6313 404 or use the order form.

Duration: 45 min
Price : 78 EUR 
Duration: 60 min
Price : 88 EUR
Soap-erotic massage
Duration: 60 min
Price : 100 EUR
NIGHT Erotic Massage (available from 00:00 to 6 AM)
Duration: 20 min

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