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Aromatic massage

Aromatic massageAromatic massage is a part of aromatherapy, where soft massage is combined with herbal essential oils. Essential oils are antiseptic and help to fight infections and viruses. The purpose of aromatic massage is to prevent illnesses and it contributes to the natural healing process by stimulating blood- and lymphatic circulation and by strengthening the immune system.

The Aromatic Massage contributes to healing process

Essential oils also affect central nervous system by either by calming or energizing it.

Duration: 45 min
Price: 43 EUR
Four handed: 45 min
Price: 100 EUR

Come and have an Aromatic experience in Hedone. We are situated in the marvelous Tallinn Medieval Old Town.

It is recommended to book a time for massage in advance. Book a time by calling +372 6313 404 or use the order form.

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