For groups

For GroupsThere are considerable bonuses in Hedone for groups of five or more people.

The club offers a comfortable relaxation for up to twenty people.
When you enter the club you will feel like on a journey to the distant past of the Orient where your clothes are replaced with a robe for creating the right feeling.

Hedone organizes unforgettable evenings for groups

If you did not find relaxation package that meets your needs, please write to us and let Hedone organise a unforgettable evening for you and your friends.

When your group is visiting our club, then Hedone is booked exclusively for your group only.
Duration of the event depends on the number of people in the group!

Relaxation packages for groups

For Groups1

110 EUR

Party starter

Relaxation package for group of gentlemen. This Party Starter package is the best mood lifter before […]

55 EUR


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For Groups2

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