Gift voucher

Hedone gift voucher

All our services can also be purcased as a gift-card!

Give your friend a valuable gift – Hedone’s gift-card! You can purcase all our massages and event-packages as a gift-card. The gift voucher can be bought from our club.

Hedone gift voucher is valid 6 months after the purchase

Multi-session cards

An opportunity for massage-lovers is to order massages as a course, for which there are noteworthy discounts.

For the majority of massages, it is recommended to order them as a course in order to achieve the best results.

When doing so, it is recommended to attend a massage session at least once per week until the course is completed.

All massages offered at Hedone are available as a massage course.

Before ordering massages as a set, one must complete a questionnaire and hold a short consultation with a masseur in order to check the suitability of the course and see how long and intensive (one time per week or more) a course is recommended.

The following discounts are valid upon purchasing multi-session cards:

Length of the course | discount:

  • 4 massages | 10%
  • 6 massages | 15%
  • 8 massages | 20%
  • 10 massages | 25%

The exact prices of massage sessions are listed separately for each massage on the price list.

Hedone’s multi-session cards are a useful and relaxing present for those dearest to you.

Note! Hedone’s multi-session cards are name-based, and the discounts are only valid for personal use by the card’s owner.

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