Hedone’s relaxation packages for couples

Hedone is an ideal place for coming with your loved one to spend a romantic evening as just the two of you.
The romantic atmosphere created with the help of soft candlelight, pleasant music, and the aroma of incense surrounding you as an invisible cloud, will help you to forget your regular routine so you can truly relax while enjoying each other’s company.
Hedone is the most pleasant place in Estonia that offers you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing massage together with your loved one – and while in the same room together!
Hedone has put together couple’s relaxation packages with precisely you in mind:

During the relaxation packages, Hedone is exclusively booked for you and your companion alone, so that you may enjoy each other’s romantic company undisturbed.

A pre-payment of 20 EUR per person is to be made when ordering relaxation packages.The pre-payment must be made by the day before the package at the latest.The pre-payment can be made at Hedone in both cash and by card.
The pre-payment will not be refunded!

For Couples1

140-150 EUR


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For Couples2

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