About Hedone

About HedoneHedone is an exclusive massage club that has operated in Tallinn’s Old Town for already 10 years. Hedone is unique in terms of its oriental atmosphere and selection of massages offered. Hedone offers its customers not only massages, but a thrill – the opportunity to forget your everyday hustle and bustle, to truly relax.

The true Hedone thrill/relaxation ensures privacy and comfort, meaning that only people that arrive at the club together can relax there at the same time (if one person comes to the club, then he or she is also there alone). Upon entering the club, we request that all customers change their outdoor clothes in the wardrobe lockers in exchange for bathrobes.

Having changed into the robe, a Hedone Administrator will lead you to the oriental-atmosphere relaxation room, where cozy candlelight, the aroma of incense surrounding you in an invisible cloud, and pleasant music will help to create just the right mood.

At Hedone, customers have use of:

A wardrobe for changing out of their clothing and into soft bathrobes. The wardrobe has lockers for clothing and personal belongings.

Our Relaxation Room with its oriental atmosphere. A group of up to 20 people can unwind comfortably in the space, which features sofas with large, soft pillows; a large jacuzzi, where five people can relax comfortably; and a fully-stocked bar, where various intoxicating beverages may be ordered.

Three comfy Massage Rooms. All massage rooms are equipped with a massage table, a roomy shower, where one can wash before and after the massage, and sofas.

Hedone uses massage tables with soft, luxury leather made by special order in the US: the tables are one-of-a-kind in Estonia, and are wider, softer, and longer than those in use anywhere else. Everyone, regardless of size or height, can enjoy a relaxing massage upon them.

Hedone believes that only high-quality service and turning attention to even the slightest details ensures the client’s well-being.

Hedone is a massage parlour, and we do not offer sexual services or escort services.

Wishing you relaxing moments,

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